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As crazy as it sounds, according to many therapists (while there are exceptions to every theory), women tend to unconsciously pick partners who are similar to their fathers psychologically, behaviorally or emotionally. Whether it is good or bad, father-daughter relationship is the foundation of our relationship with men.  

If your dad was a supportive, emotionally available parent, then you will have learned the skills needed for a healthy relationship early on and your romantic relationships will likely benefit as a result.

On the other hand, if you were in a difficult relationship with your dad you may be at some risk of continuing that role in your relationships with men because you are carrying your childhood struggle into your adult life, only this time, you have unconscious hopes to win the love, affection or whatever you feel you didn’t receive when you were growing up, from your partner. Unconsciously your tender half becomes your replacement parent.

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For those who their dad wasn’t around while growing up, if you are carrying powerful negative emotions about this such as a sense of abandonment or

feelings of unworthiness then the best thing will be to do some healing work.

Don’t be afraid to reach out help from a therapist if you see some patterns in your life that you wish weren’t there at all. We can’t control how much our childhood affected us in the long run, but we do have the power to better understand our subconscious and work through the pain we experienced when we were kids. Once you take the initiative to do that, your love life will only get better.



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